Black Canyon Anglers | About
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‘Putting the best trip on the river each day.’


Black Canyon Anglers is proud to be the most respected guide service on the Gunnison River. Seasoned guides and quality equipment—paired with tailored customer service and attention to detail—results in a long list of satisfied clients.

Our Roots

Founded in 1985, Black Canyon Anglers is a fly shop, guide service and riverfront lodge family-owned and operated by Todd Herrick. The team at BCA has the most complete and diversified knowledge of outfitting in the industry. Todd’s ownership and affiliation with the hospitality industry, guiding and financial services companies result in an unmatched experience at both Black Canyon Anglers and Gunnison River Farms.

The Experience

Trips begin and finish at the Gunnison River Farms, 30 minutes from the Montrose airport on the western slope of Colorado. Clients typically stay the night before and after a trip fishing the farm’s private waters, indulging in great meals, relaxing in the comfortable, cozy cabins, and enjoying the unique property. At the end of the trip, guides load the equipment and drive the guests 10 minutes back to the lodge. The guest experience at BCA and Gunnison River Farms is shaped by a true family business that spans three generations. Todd, his wife Jan, three children, and his father, Ted, have made the Gunnison River an essential part of their lives and find great pleasure in sharing it with others.