Black Canyon Anglers | The Lodge
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The Lodge

A breathtaking setting with a casual and comfortable, yet sophisticated, air.


Whether sitting with dear friends or making new friends, the atmosphere at the lodge is relaxed and enjoyable with expansive views and farm fresh meals.

The Setting

All trips begin and end from the BCA Lodge, which houses a fly shop, library, TV room, pool table and dining hall. The meticulous landscaping creates a relaxing common gathering area. Guests gather for appetizers and wine under the outdoor pergola, then move inside to the newly renovated lodge for three-course dining with meals prepared by our in-house chef, Deanna.

The Chef

Head Chef Deanna joined us as Sous Chef in 2017. In 2020, she took over the kitchen and cooks nightly for our lodge guests during the season. Deanna combines her love of gardening with her experience cooking in fine-dining kitchens to craft dishes that celebrate seasonal produce from our property. She creates every element of the meal from scratch; from sourdough bread, to cheeses, to sauces & dressings, to ice cream and dessert. Her philosophy is to use the highest quality ingredients and treat them simply (but always add herbs and butter…and edible flowers).

The Cuisine

Join us for our set menu four-course dinner service at the Cantina, featuring seasonal produce from the land. Our beautiful property is home to an expansive orchard growing peaches, apples, cherries, apricots, and pears. We also have two large gardens, a herd of sheep, bees, and laying chickens. You may dine on herb crusted rack of lamb from one of our own sheep, spicy deviled eggs made with farm fresh chicken eggs and homegrown hot peppers, or our bee’s honey drizzled over our orchard peaches topping a buttermilk panna cotta.

From the vegetables and herbs on your plate to the flowers on the table, Chef Deanna has a hand in planting, growing, and harvesting it. If not produced here on property, it is sourced as locally as possible from North Fork Valley farms. Come dine with us and experience Colorado cuisine: hyper local, seasonally-driven, and made from scratch with love!

The Surroundings

4,000 year-old petroglyphs (Native American drawings etched in rock), are just a short walk from the lodge. Three miles of The Lower Gunnison River wraps around the property providing private water fishing access; several stocked trout ponds offer casting practice and the chance to catch a really big fish. The farm houses a small vineyard with wine grapes grown on the property and wine made specifically for the guests. The 100-year old peach orchard, and working organic farm surrounding the property, make the BCA Lodge a true oasis.